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Lehrman Law, led by attorney Seth M. Lehrman, is committed to providing robust legal representation in the realms of advocacy for victims of sexual assault and consumer protection. At the core of our practice is a deep understanding of the difficulties faced by individuals impacted by personal adversities or corporate malpractices. We fight for justice and protect our clients’ rights, ensuring they receive the compensation and resolution they deserve.

Our firm is devoted to providing compassionate and comprehensive legal assistance to victims of sexual assault, focusing on their unique circumstances. In addition, we assist individuals grappling with illegal business practices by consumer finance companies, credit reporting agencies, debt collectors, and those facing privacy violations and identity theft. Each case is handled with care and diligence. We are committed to delivering justice and making a meaningful difference in the lives of our clients.

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Representing Victims
of Sexual Assault
Journey Towards Recovery

Lehrman Law provides compassionate, thorough legal representation to sexual assault victims. Recognizing the deep emotional and psychological effects of such incidents, we treat each case with sensitivity and confidentiality. We aim to protect victims’ rights and amplify their voices by helping them pursue legal recourse against those who have harmed them. Beyond this, we are committed to facilitating healing for those who have endured such violations.

Lehrman Law offers services for victims of sexual assault looking to pursue civil actions against perpetrators. The firm provides guidance in building strong civil lawsuits, focusing on securing compensation for damages such as emotional distress, medical expenses, and lost wages. We are dedicated to ensuring perpetrators are held accountable and we work through legal avenues to conduct a careful investigation, strategic negotiation, and, where required, vigorous litigation. Our method is comprehensive; we aim not only to address our clients’ immediate legal needs but also to support their broader journey towards recovery. While no amount of financial compensation will take away the pain you have suffered, seeking justice through the legal system can offer you a sense of empowerment.

Consumer Class
Action Cases
Addressing Widespread Wrongdoing

Consumer class action lawsuits are a powerful legal tool designed to address widespread wrongdoing affecting large groups of individuals. These lawsuits enable consumers to collectively challenge illegal practices or misconduct by corporations, providing a means for individuals who might otherwise lack resources to seek justice.

Class actions are particularly effective in holding companies accountable for deceptive marketing, unfair business practices, unwanted telemarketing calls, or privacy breaches. By pooling resources and claims, these lawsuits amplify the voice of the consumer, facilitating meaningful changes in corporate behavior and often resulting in significant financial compensation. They play an important role in consumer protection and ensure fairness and integrity in the marketplace.

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Unjust Practices that Harm Consumers

Lehrman Law champions consumer rights through targeted class action cases against various companies and agencies, addressing a range of unjust practices that harm consumers:

Consumer Finance Companies

Lehrman Law is at the forefront of fighting class action cases against consumer finance companies. These cases tackle illegal practices that disadvantage consumers, such as predatory lending, hidden fees, misleading financial products, and violations of consumer rights under financial laws. Seth M. Lehrman challenges these unethical practices to hold these corporations accountable, advocating for increased transparency and fairness in the financial sector. Lehrman Law not only aims to secure financial compensation for affected consumers but also strives to implement systemic changes within the industry.

Credit Reporting Agencies

By pursuing consumer class action cases against credit reporting agencies, Lehrman Law seeks to address erroneous or misleading credit reports that can impact consumers’ lives. These cases often involve inaccuracies in credit reporting, failures to correct errors, and violations of consumers’ privacy rights. By holding these agencies accountable, Lehrman Law seeks not only to rectify the immediate injustices faced by individuals but also to enforce stricter standards and practices within the credit reporting industry. We aim to ensure that consumer rights are upheld, promoting accuracy, fairness, and transparency in the handling of personal credit information.

Privacy Violations &
Identity Theft

Lehrman Law is proficient in addressing privacy violations and identity theft, recognizing the profound effects these issues can have on individuals, including significant financial loss and reputational damage. Victims of identity theft, in particular, find themselves navigating vaious legal and financial complications, and they often need legal assistance to restore their credit and personal security. At Lehrman Law, we are dedicated to restoring victims’ credit, personal security, and peace of mind, making sure they receive justice and protection in the face of such personal invasions.

Debt Collectors

Lehrman Law is deeply committed to confronting abusive and illegal practices in the debt collection industry through consumer class action lawsuits. These cases primarily focus on harassment, the use of deceptive tactics, and violations of federal and state debt collection laws. By challenging the aggressive and unlawful behavior of debt collectors, Lehrman Law seeks to protect consumers from undue stress and financial harm.

Unsolicited Telemarketer Calls

Lehrman Law addresses the increasing challenge of unsolicited telemarketing calls and texts, a significant concern in today’s digital era. We handle TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) cases, focusing on combating intrusive robocalls, persistent junk texts, and unwelcome fax advertisements. We understand the frustration and disruption caused by these unsolicited communications and are committed to holding the perpetrators accountable. Our goal is to secure compensation for our clients in a world where digital communication is constantly changing.

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If you’re facing legal challenges and seeking a dedicated advocate to fight for your rights, reach out to Lehrman Law. With our commitment to our clients’ well-being and our personalized approach, we can provide you with the qualified legal assistance you need. Contact us today and take the first step toward securing the justice and resolution you deserve.

Why Choose Lehrman Law
Commitment to Our Clients’ Well-Being

Choosing Lehrman Law means partnering with a firm that prioritizes your rights and justice. Led by Seth M. Lehrman, the firm boasts a track record of championing the rights of sexual assault victims and vigorously defending clients against injustices in consumer protection. With a blend of skill, tenacity, and a deep understanding of the legal system, Lehrman Law stands out for its ability to handle complex cases with a personalized approach. Clients receive not just legal representation but a committed ally in their fight for justice.

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