If you’ve been sexually abused by a massage therapist in Florida, you are not alone. While most massage therapists and establishments operate ethically and above board, far too many predators lurk in their midst, taking advantage of the trust that clients place in them and doing terrible things with it. What happened to you was wrong, and you deserve accountability and compensation for what you’ve been made to suffer. The Florida sexual abuse lawsuit attorneys of Lehrman Law want to help you demand it. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation, and let us stand up for justice on your behalf.

Florida Massage Therapy Sexual Abuse Laws

Florida law states that the relationship between a massage therapist and a patient is rooted in mutual trust and prohibits sexual misconduct on the part of a massage therapist. The law defines sexual misconduct as a violation of the therapist-patient relationship in which the therapist induces or attempts to induce the patient into engaging in sexual activity that falls outside their scope of practice, or outside the scope of the examination and treatment of the patient.

In other words, sexual misconduct on the part of a massage therapist doesn’t need to involve a massage therapist actively engaging in unwanted touching or similar behaviors. A massage therapist could engage in sexual misconduct in Florida merely by leveraging the therapist-patient relationship to induce a patient to engage in sexual activity.

Examples of Florida Massage Therapist Sexual Abuse

There are various ways in which massage therapists might sexually abuse patients. Examples include:

  • Engaging in non-consensual touching of the genitals, breasts, or other sexual areas
  • Exposing themselves to a patient in a sexual manner
  • Viewing a patient’s naked body or sexual regions of their body without the patient’s consent
  • Attempting to get a patient to touch a sexual part of the body
  • Pressuring a patient to remove their clothing
  • Removing a patient’s clothing without their consent

A patient should always feel comfortable telling a massage therapist not to engage in any unwanted behaviors. Sexual abuse may occur when a massage therapist ignores such requests.

Who is Liable for Sexual Abuse by a Massage Therapist?

The massage therapist is liable for their sexual misconduct. In addition, the massage establishment that employs the therapist may also be liable. A lawsuit may be an opportunity to hold wrongdoers accountable and to recover money for the physical and emotional harm that you have experienced.

Contact a Florida Massage Therapist Sexual Abuse Attorney

At Lehrman Law, we understand that experiencing sexual abuse in any setting is traumatic and painful, especially when you’ve placed your trust in a licensed healthcare professional. While we can’t change what has already happened, a qualified Florida massage therapist sexual abuse lawyer could help you pursue the compensation you may deserve. Learn more by contacting us online for a case review.