Compassionate and kind

Seth was so compassionate and kind on our very first meeting that I was able to tell him the entire story of exactly what had happened to us. My wife and I felt right then Seth was the person we wanted to represent us.

— K.I.

Great knowledge

Seth supported us with a calm and patient demeanor. I never felt afraid he didn’t understand what I was going through nor did I ever once doubt how much he cared for my well-being.

With his great knowledge of the law he walked us through each part of the process explained everything so we could make our own decisions never pushing us in any other direction, than the one that felt right for us.

— K.I.


I cannot put on paper how much Seth helped us, but I can honestly say that he was the light in a very dark tunnel. My wife, Seth and I went through this process together and thankfully we were not only successful but more importantly we were heard and that is due to Seth Lehrman.

— K.I.

A True Champion!

Seth Lehrman and his professional team of attorneys and paralegals were my true champions throughout my case. They made me feel as though I was the only and most important client they were fighting for and always followed through and kept me abreast of everything as it happened. I can wholeheartedly say that hiring this team is the best decision you can make if you find yourself in an unfortunate enough circumstance to require legal representation. I never lost any sleep or had a doubt with them behind me through the process. Many blessings to Seth and his amazing team for so much that they do for their clients!

— Carlos

A lawyer who listens and understands!

It’s not every day you need a Personal Injury lawyer, but when you need one, how do you choose? I was referred to Seth by a friend and have been thankful ever since. Seth really listened to us and took interest, as if we were family. He was able to explain and interpret the somewhat complicated legal system in ways we could easily digest and understand. God forbid I or anyone that I know is involved in an accident, but if it were to happen, I would not hesitate in recommending Seth. Thank you again Seth, for all you did!

— Max

Tireless Advocate with Superior Skill Set

Seth represented me in a matter involving several defendants. The astute staff at his firm handled all meetings, filings and appointments in an efficient and friendly manner. Mr. Lehman is a good listener, his attentiveness sussed out the facts needed to maximize the impact of my case. When it came time to present my case, he was well prepared; able to remember specifics of the case without referring to notes. I think his diligence and empathy helped obtain a favorable outcome.

— Chuck


I used Atty. Lehrman two years ago. He was efficient and I was pleased with the results.

— Celeste
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