Whether you’re staying in a hotel on business or vacation, you deserve to have a safe experience on the premises. When sexual abuse or assault occurs at hotels, it can leave survivors with significant physical, emotional, and psychological trauma. If you experienced a sexual assault at a Florida hotel, you deserve justice and accountability.

At Lehrman Law, we understand the sensitive nature of hotel sexual abuse cases and encourage survivors to make their voices heard. We’re prepared to file claims on your behalf against anyone who assaulted or abused you or whose negligence made it possible for the incident to happen. We’ll fight for your right to compensation and help you move forward after a traumatic sexual assault. Contact us today to review your legal options in a free initial consultation.

The Responsibility of Hotels to Keep Their Guests Safe

Hotels have a duty to provide a safe environment that protects their guests from harm, including sexual assaults and abuse. Part of this duty is to take reasonable steps to ensure the safety and security of their guests. Some things hotels can do to create a safe environment include:

  • Installing and maintaining security cameras in high-traffic areas
  • Having security guards posted at hotel entrances
  • Installing manual locks in all hotel rooms and ensuring they are working correctly
  • Making sure all hallways and high-traffic areas are well-lit
  • Checking the IDs of all guests who arrive at the hotel
  • Running background checks on all hotel employees

If you experienced a sexual assault at a hotel, your attorney will investigate whether lapses in the above safety measures may have caused or contributed to an unsafe environment. When a hotel fails in their responsibility to their guests, they can be held liable for sexual abuse and assaults that happen on their premises.

Steps to Take if You Experience Hotel Sexual Abuse or Assault

If you have experienced a sexual assault or abuse in a Boca Raton, FL, hotel, there are several steps you should take right away to protect yourself and strengthen any potential legal claims against the hotel or other responsible parties:

  • Call 911 – Report the assault to local law enforcement to create an official record of the incident. A call to 911 will also help you get any immediate medical treatment you may need.
  • Take Pictures and Videos – Preserve visual evidence of the assault, including any physical injuries, property damage or disturbance, or signs of a break-in, to support your claim.
  • Write Down What Happened – It can be hard to recall exactly what happened during a traumatic event like a sexual assault. Write down everything you remember as soon as possible to preserve a record of the experience and your perception of what happened.
  • Report the Assault to Hotel Management – Contact hotel management and file a report. Remember to take down contact information for anyone you speak to.
  • Speak to a Hotel Sexual Abuse Attorney – Contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options and initiate a thorough investigation of the incident and any factors that may have caused or contributed to the unsafe environment.

Hotel Employees Are Also at Risk of Sexual Abuse

Hotel guests are not the only individuals who may experience sexual abuse or assault. Hotel employees, especially those in housekeeping and front desk roles, are also vulnerable to sexual assault due to the nature of their work. They often work alone, entering guest rooms or interacting with guests in isolated settings. This can create opportunities for guests to exploit their positions, leading to unwanted advances or assaults.

Additionally, the power imbalance between staff and guests can make it difficult for employees to refuse or report such behavior without fear of retaliation or job loss. Training, strict policies, and supportive management can help protect hotel staff from these risks.

Compensation for Hotel Sexual Abuse

Those who experience sexual abuse or assault at a Florida hotel may be entitled to compensation from the assailant, hotel staff members, the hotel operator, and any other responsible parties. Potential compensation in a hotel sexual assault claim may include:

  • Economic Damages – This category of damages is relatively easy to calculate because it’s based on economic losses to which precise dollar amounts are attached. Economic damages include compensation for medical bills, prescriptions, follow-up medical appointments, lost income, and other financial losses resulting from the assault.
  • Non-Economic Damages – Non-economic damages, on the other hand, are not easily quantifiable. These damages compensate a sexual assault survivor for such losses as physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, post-traumatic stress, and other forms of harm.
  • Punitive DamagesFlorida law permits personal injury plaintiffs to seek punitive damages in cases where the defendant engaged in intentional misconduct or gross negligence. Your attorney will determine whether your claim may meet this standard. Punitive damages are meant to directly punish a responsible party and deter similar behavior in the future. 

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Survivors of hotel sexual assault or abuse deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing the assailant and any other liable parties are held accountable under Florida law. If you were assaulted in an area hotel, the Boca Raton sexual abuse attorneys at Lehrman Law are here to support you and fight for the justice and compensation you deserve. We’ll investigate the assault, identify all potentially liable parties, and fight aggressively to recover the total compensation to which you’re entitled. As certified Trauma Informed Care Legal Professionals, we are committed to handling your case with sensitivity and compassion.

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