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Debt collectors use a variety of tactics to try to collect debts. One such tactic is contacting debtors by phone. However, when debt collectors have trouble getting ahold of debtors by calling them at home, they often resort to other means, including calling debtors at work. Debt collection calls at work aren’t only annoying—they can put your job at risk. In this article, we examine whether debt collectors can call you at work. 

Debt Collectors Can Call You at Work

Debt collectors may call you at work, but only under specific circumstances. Debt collectors may not call you at your job if they know (or should know) that your employer doesn’t allow such calls. For example, if you are in a line of work that makes it clear that debt-related calls aren’t permitted, or if you have told a debt collector that you may not receive debt collection calls at work, then they must refrain from doing so. 

Preventing Debt Collection Calls at Work

There is a fairly easy way to prevent debt collection calls at work: simply tell the debt collector that you aren’t allowed to receive debt collection calls at work. Once a debt collector is aware of this, the calls must cease. However, just to make sure you cover your tracks, document the date and time that you asked the debt collector to stop calling you at work. You may also follow up with a letter to the debt collector for additional proof. 

In addition to asking a debt collector to quit calling you at work, you can simply pay off your debt to prevent future contact. Before you pay off the debt, ask the debt collector to provide you with proof that the debt is yours and that you’re legally obligated to pay it. Obviously, if the did isn’t yours, you shouldn’t pay it. 

What to Do if Debt Collectors Keep Calling at Work 

If you continue to receive debt collection calls at work even after you’ve asked the debt collector not to do so, you may submit a complaint to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In addition, you may have grounds to sue the debt collector for actual and punitive damages.

Florida Consumer Class Action Attorney 

If you’re a victim of illegal debt collection practices, you need an experienced Florida consumer class action attorney on your side. Attorney Seth Lehrman is dedicated to helping you fight back against debt collectors who use illegal debt collection practices. Attorney Seth Lehrman has decades of experience trying consumer class action cases in both state and federal court, and he is widely recognized for helping victims of unfair business practices achieve justice. So, if you have been victimized by the illegal practices of a debt collector, please contact us today to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation.