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Several major telecommunications companies recently announced that they’ve developed new technology to help combat illegal robocalls. This technology, called STIR/SHAKEN, is a cross-network number verification system that protects consumers from scams and robocalls. This new technology is intended to prevent “spoofing,” which is a process that makes a false number appear on a call recipient’s caller ID. Scammers use this method because they know that people are more likely to answer calls from familiar area codes than ones they don’t recognize. 

Companies Vow to Fight Robocalls

A spokesman from T-Mobile described his organization’s battle with scammers as an “arms race” and discussed the necessity of cooperation between telecommunications companies in combating robocalls. In addition, he vowed that his organization would continue to innovate and develop new ways to fight robocalls. One such innovation is the company’s Caller Verified program, which is T-Mobile’s STIR/SHAKEN implementation. The spokesman noted that Caller Verified is now operable across 23 smartphones.

A spokesman from Sprint expressed a similar sentiment and stressed the need for cooperation despite fierce competition between telecommunications companies. The fight against robocalls, he noted, must be fought by all telecommunications company in tandem. In discussing new methods of combating robocalls, he stressed the importance and effectiveness of STIR/SHAKEN and said that implementation of this new technology will improve the overall experience of his company’s customers. 


As noted above, STIR, which is an acronym for “Secure Telephone Identity Revisited,” and SHAKEN, which is an acronym for “Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using Tokens,” are new technologies designed to combat robocalls. Specifically, SHAKEN/STIR is a technology framework that allows calls that travel through interconnected phone networks to have their caller ID numbers signed as legitimate by phone carriers before reaching consumers. In other words, SHAKEN/STIR digitally validates the authenticity of phone calls that pass through different phone networks, thereby allowing the phone companies of receiving consumers to verify that calls match the numbers displayed on consumers’ caller IDs.

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