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Farmer Jaffe Weissing is class counsel in a lawsuit brought by three members of the former Ritz-Carlton Golf Club and Spa – Jupiter. The club members seek a refund, for themselves and other club members, of refundable deposits which they paid to the owner of the Ritz-Carlton club. Donald Trump’s organization purchased the Ritz-Carlton club in December 2012 and rebranded it as Trump National Golf Club and Spa – Jupiter.

The Court had certified the case as a class action lawsuit, permitting the three named plaintiffs to continue to seek relief for themselves and members of the class. However, both the Trump organization and the former owner of the Ritz-Carlton requested permission to appeal this order. On July 17, the appellate court denied Trump’s request to appeal. The Court found that Trump’s request to appeal was untimely. A copy of that order is available here. The appellate court has not yet ruled on Ritz’s appeal.