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Juuling, which is a kind of vaping, is named after the popular Juul e-cigarette. This form of vaping makes up approximately 30 percent of the e-cigarette market. And although these types of e-cigarettes are intended to help adults quit smoking, teens are rapidly becoming hooked on them—and this has led to legal action against vape companies.

One such case was recently filed by a New York teen who argues that the company hooked him on flavored e-cigarettes through the use of deceptive advertising. The teen, who is now 19 and began Juuling at only 15 years old, claims to suffer from serious medical problems due to his addiction to Juul’s products. The suit, which is seeking class-action status, contends that the teen never smoked regular cigarettes but was attracted to vaping due to misleading advertising online and in local stores. He quickly became addicted to the company’s flavored pods and still uses them today.  

The suit alleges that the teen, based on JUUL’s advertisements, believed these products were safe and wouldn’t cause adverse health effects. In addition, the lawsuit contends that Juul fraudulently marketed its products to minors using themes including popularity, sexuality, social events, parties, and celebrity.

The lawsuit is one of over 150 such suits filed against Juul since 2018, and it comes amid growing backlash against vaping. In fact, many states have begun to ban flavored vaping liquids, including New York, Michigan, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Public health officials have reported over a dozen vaping-related deaths nationwide and over 800 cases of breathing and lung illnesses that are believed to be related to e-cigarette use. Most troubling is the fact that many of the victims of Juuling and vaping are individuals under the age of 18 years old. In New York, for example, it is estimated that nearly 40 percent of high school seniors and 30 percent of overall high school students use vaping products.  

Are you suffering from health problems due to Juuling? 

If you are suffering from health problems due to Juuling or vaping, you need an experienced Florida class action attorney on your side. Our class action team has successfully prosecuted consumer class-action lawsuits against a variety of large corporations. In fact, we have secured judgments and settlements totaling more than $100 million for consumers and businesses. Our cases cover a range of illegal business practices, including illegal robocalls, unfair debt collection practices, consumer overcharges, defective and dangerous products, fraud and false advertising, breach of contract, mortgage fraud, and unfair business practices. Our class action team has the tools and experience necessary to effectively present our case and get you the results you deserve. Therefore, if you have been victimized by the vaping industry in any way, please contact our experienced class action attorneys today for a consultation.