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Plaintiffs, Norman Hirsch, Matthew Dwyer, and Ralph Willard, claim that they and other club members paid refundable deposits to the former club owner, Ritz-Carlton entity RBF, LLC, when they joined the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club & Spa – Jupiter. The membership agreement and membership plan requires the club owner to refund deposits to club members within thirty days of the termination of the member’s membership category or the occurrence of other specified events. Plaintiffs claim that when the Trump organization purchased the club in December 2012, it triggered a 30 day refund obligation by wiping out Plaintiffs’ membership categories. Trump denies that it terminated any membership categories and denies that it is otherwise triggered the 30 day refund obligations.

The Court has preliminarily approved Plaintiffs’ proposal to drop the former owner, Ritz-Carlton entity RBF, LLC, from the lawsuit, in order to focus the lawsuit against the Trump organization. Plaintiffs look forward holding the Trump organization accountable at trial for their conduct.

The Trump organization has repeatedly claimed that the membership deposit lawsuit has no merit. Yet, so far, Plaintiffs have won every round of the litigation, defeating Trump’s motion to dismiss and winning class certification, allowing plaintiffs to advance the case on behalf of a class of more than one hundred club members.

The Trump National Golf Club & Spa – Jupiter lawsuit continues to generate significant press. Here is a recent Daily Business Review article about the case. DBR Article

Plaintiffs hope to proceed to trial against the Trump organization in the Spring of 2016.

Please contact class counsel Seth Lehrman for more information about this lawsuit at or (954) 524-2820.