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Robocalls are a huge problem in the U.S. In fact, approximately two hundred million robocalls are made every day. That’s a bewildering statistic. And it also means that you’ve probably received at least one robocall at some point in your life. Robocalls vary from irritating to dangerous, and many people accept these calls as an inevitable part of life. But they don’t have to be. Luckily for those who are sick of robocalls, the law provides victims of robocalls a way to fight back and earn financial compensation in the process. In addition, a federal law, called the TRACED Act, was just passed that aims to make things even tougher for telemarketers who harass people with robocalls. Below is an overview of this recent effort to curtail illegal robocalls. If you have additional questions or are a victim of robocalls, please contact a Florida TCPA attorney as soon as possible. 

The TRACED Act  

President Trump recently signed the TRACED Act into law, which increases the punishment for unlawful robocalls. The fine for making an illicit robocall is now ten thousand dollars for each illicit call. In addition, the law requires the FCC to create rules that prevent unauthenticated calls and texts from reaching phone users and that detail the circumstances under which networks can block phone calls.

The law also establishes self-review procedures. The Justice Department and the FCC must develop a working group that studies the enforcement of robocall bans and then report the findings to Congress. Similarly, the FCC must analyze its guidelines on a number of resources to determine if it reduces spammer access.

The Future of Robocalls 

While the new law is a step in the right direction, it is unlikely to stop the present avalanche of robocalls. Offenders often stay one step ahead of the law, and they utilize a variety of software tricks and hacks to make robocalls. In addition, many perpetrators are willing to take the risk of being fined due to the profitability of their practices. However, as a consumer, you don’t have to put up with these calls. 

Sick of robocalls? Contact a Florida attorney today! 

As anyone with a phone knows, robocalls are out of control. If you are sick and tired of unwanted robocalls, it’s time for you to fight back. With a Florida TCPA attorney on your side, not only will we help you fight these calls, but we may be able to help you obtain financial compensation in the process. If your claim is successful, you can recover up to $1500 for each documented violation of the TCPA law.

If you are a victim of telemarketer harassment of any kind, attorney Seth Lehrman is here to help. Seth Lehrman represents people who have received unwanted robocalls or texts in TCPA cases in Florida and nationwide. If you have received unsolicited robocalls or have been subjected to other harassing behavior by telemarketers, please contact our law firm as soon as possible for a free consultation.